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The patient care partnership brochure is the new replacement for the American Hospital Association’s Patients’ Bill of Rights.

The patient care partnership brochure is the new replacement for the American Hospital Association’s Patients’ Bill of Rights.

 The patient care partnership brochure is the new replacement for the American Hospital Association’s Patients’ Bill of Rights.

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The patient care partnership brochure is the new replacement for the American Hospital Association’s Patients’ Bill of Rights. Based on the patient care partnership brochure, when a patient visits the hospital or any healthcare facility, some of the things that they should expect include; protection of their privacy, involvement in their care, a clean and safe environment, high-quality hospital care, help with their billing claims and help when leaving the hospitals. This aligns with some of the rights listed in the American Hospital Association’s Patients’ Bill of Rights, like; the patient’s right to every consideration of privacy (The Patient Care Partnership | AHA. (n.d.-b). Healthcare providers should conduct consultations, case discussions, examinations, and treatment to protect patients’ privacy. Also, the patient has the right to expect all records and communication about their care to be treated as confidential by the hospital, expected in cases like public health hazards and suspected abuse when the healthcare professional is permitted to report the case to the law (Kehoe, 2022). Lastly, the patient can expect reasonable continuity of care when effective. They are informed by physicians and other caregivers of the realistic and available patient care options when hospital care is no longer effective.

Following the American Hospital Association’s Patients’ Bill of Rights and the patient care partnership brochure, some of the approaches that healthcare providers should utilize to ensure patient rights are upheld and protected include; the healthcare professionals familiarizing themselves with the Patient’s Bill of Rights and ensuring they adhere to it (The Patient Care Partnership | AHA, n.d). The first strategy in which the healthcare providers can uphold and protects patient rights is by ensuring the patients are well informed concerning their medical condition, the possible treatment options, benefits, and potential risks, for the patients to make informed decisions concerning their care (Mahmoudi et al.,2022). Moreover, healthcare providers can uphold and protect their patient’s rights by respecting their privacy and confidentiality and offering them care in a non-discriminatory irrespective of one’s class, ethnicity, or color. Lastly, healthcare professionals can uphold patient rights and protect them by ensuring they treat their patients with respect and dignity and manage their pain effectively. Healthcare providers can accomplish this by regularly checking on their patient’s comfort level and ensuring they make necessary adjustments to the treatment.

According to Kehoe. (2022); the other approach that healthcare providers can utilize to uphold and protect patient rights is educating the patients about their rights; it’s the responsibility of healthcare providers to inform the patients about their care and treatment option, and they should provide the information in a clear and conscience manner, in a language that the patient can understand for the patient to interpret the information and make an informed decision about their treatment options (Hunt, 2022). Moreover, the patient has the right to reject the treatment options that the healthcare provider offers them. For this, the healthcare providers have to respect the patents autonomy and offer the patient more information on how they should proceed.

Lastly, the healthcare professional’s approaches to upholding and protecting patient rights include addressing patients’ complaints. Based on the American Hospital Association’s Patients’ Bill of Rights, patients have a right to voice concerns and complaints about their care (Bird et al., 2020). To uphold and protect this right, the healthcare professional has to have a process to address and receive patient complaints and take the concerns seriously. Lastly, healthcare providers should uphold and protect the patient’s rights by offering patient-centered care, which means treating the patient with respect; hence they should tailor the patients’ unique needs and preferences. Therefore, healthcare professionals must strive to offer patient-centered care to engage patients in decision-making concerning their care.


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The Patient Care Partnership | AHA. (n.d.-b). American Hospital Association.

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